Thursday, July 15, 2010

Trip to Moore Reef on Sunlover Cruises

This topped off Sam's day!! There was a very talented lady on board who thrilled the nippers with some face painting. Excellent job - no showers for three days!!

Some of the lovely Coral fish life that we snorkelled around. There was a glass bottom boat that cruised around with people who didn't fancy snorkelling

This craft was no 'tinnie'. A whopper that can carry 350 people out to the Great Barrier Reef. This shot is of us on the top deck.

We met up with Ma (Jan) & Pop (Don) Volkmer in Cairns and had the day out on the reef together. It was good fun. They held brekkie down as did we!

Joey & Sam met an Aussie icon on the boat - Yahoo Serious' little sister Leeanne!

Leaving Cairns for the trip out to the reef. A bit bumpy, some folks didn't fare too well with keeping brekky down!! Hee-hee!