Friday, July 16, 2010

Kuranda Railway and Skyrail

This shows the beautiful view towards Cairns area from the Skyrail - amazing!!

We are having a good start to what is shaping up to be a trip that will bring life long memories - for all of us!!

Let Brotherly Love Continue....Joey & far so good.

Leeanne and boys at lookout with Barron Falls in background.

The rainforest canopy underneath the Skyrail - so green and lush. The Skyrail cars carry six people at a pinch, and the cables carrying the load are about 50mm thick. Probably strung by helicopter?

The Barron Falls from lookout at midway point on return trip - excellent views.

Dad and the boys on the Skyrail heading back towards Cairns. In the background is the Barron River. Simply awesome views of one of Australia's prettiest and spectacular areas....

We later found out it was because one of the butterflies favourite colours is red!!

Sam thought he was special (which we think he is!) with all the attention show to him by a variety of butterflies....

This particular butterfly took a liking to Jan's hair...

A Cairns Bird Wing Butterfly at Kuranda Butterfly Sanctuary.

There are thirteen of these hand dug tunnels. A seriously hard job in the tropical heat of Nth QLD.

Inside the train. Some nice timber work beautifully restored. Similar to the Old 'Red Rattlers' in Melbourne.

Stoney Creek Railway Station!!!

A couple of suspect characters on board! Samuel & Joseph.....

One of many bridges required to cross the gorges. The biggest is Barron Gorge. There were 32 lives lost building this rail line. It was built to freight Gold back from an inland mine site. At one stage there were 1500 men working on it. They men working on it had to supply their own pick and shovel to be considered for a job!!

Looking back towards Cairns from the train.

From the window view of Kuranda Train leaving Freshwater Station


  1. Love the shots Lee, think you may have found your calling. I laughed out loud at the Yahoo Serious comment, quite funny Tommy. Glad you guys are having a great time. Love the McPhees

  2. just love the views from sky rail and also the train , my favourites

  3. I saw looking the picture.It will be lovely wonderful framed. Those are my colours and style!adventure sport nq.