Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Mount Hotham Victoria & Some Snow

One of the things we really wanted to do if possible was to see some snow on our trip, as the boys hadn't seen any, and Lee and I hadn't for a long time...so off we went on a day trip from Bright to Mt Hotham which is supposed to be Australia's highest snow resort...
Beside a cafeteria we came across a lump of snow that had fallen the previous week, most of which had melted due to the rains that had followed...it was a start! The boys were quite excited...Lee just wanted to throw some at Tom!!
This pan shot is a typical view of the country surrounding Mt Hotham...very cold, -1 to 1 degree min and max temperatures!!
Joey and Sam were happy to find some more snow to play in. Funny how people want to throw the stuff at the camera person!!
Sam was so excited he had to sit down...not for long though, just enough to make his bottom numb!!
Tom, Joey, & Sam experienced a little snow fall during our walk around Mt Hotham. The boys had just enough to make them want to come back again...in the middle of winter next time...

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    just to send a bear hug to you guys!
    tchau tchau

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