Saturday, December 11, 2010

Esperance WA

Inside all of us there resides that 'little boy or girl'. Here's Lee showing off here at the swings in Sunseeker Caravan Park with our little buddy Josh Cullen of Townsville...

In case you thought this 250kg beast was dead here's a shot of him sitting upright. As soon as he hits the water it's amazing how fast this guy can move!!! (Might be the food factor??)

Another major drawcard at Esperance is Sammy the Sea Lion. He's looking sleepy here but as soon as he gets a whiff of the fishermen filleting fish he comes alive 'cos it's snack time for Sammy!!!

Here's a short video of the Ocean Drive that we were all impressed with...

It's hard to capture the beauty of West Beach with a camera. Awesome colours and outlook...

A highlight of Esperance for tourists is the 'Ocean Drive'. The route takes visitors along the Western Beaches and back via a 'Pink Lake' (that wasn't very pink!!) Esperance has many small rocky islands surrounding the region.

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