Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Karijini NP - Weano Campground

A lovely shot of upper handrail pool by Lee...

"Let brotherly love continue" far, so good - Joey & Sam are enjoying the experience too!!

Lee & Joey show what awaits the climber at the bottom. This is 'handrail pool'. Super spot to cool off on a hot day which is mostly what they have around this region!!

This shot is a good indication of the type of terrain that visitors to this area are attempting to negotiate. It continues down and becomes even tighter until you reach a section with handrail bolted into the wall to help your descent....once again the colours are quite spectacular...

I am standing beside the Celtic Cross Monument dedicated to a relative of mine, James Regan, who lost his life whilst performing a cliff rescue with the SES to save visitor to Karijini National Park.The monument is near Oxer lookout. The SES at Tom Price and also Newman are among the busiest in Australia helping people who have got into difficulty. James' father Jack and my father are cousins.

This is an arial view of Weano Gorge. There are actually four gorges that meet in this area. Very rugged terrain indeed. Quite striking colours though...

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