Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Exmouth & Cape Range National Park

A 'postcard' worthy shot along Turquoise Beach. A great place to be when it's 37 degrees!!!

Lee and Joey pictured here having a snorkel around the very close in reef just off the Turquoise Beach. Quite unique and very interesting!!

At the Cape Range National Park is the beautiful Turquoise Beach. The water lives up to the name of the beach and is very pretty. This is in contrast to the bland hillsides with very little vegetation!!

Joey & Sam are checking out the rusty remains of the SS Mildura which was washed up onto this shore during a storm in March 1914.

This shot is taken from the lighthouse lookout looking north towards the tip of Cape Range. Most days here are around 35-36 degrees - seems that summer has started early in the West!!

After an overnight 'free camp' we arrived at Exmouth. Here at the Cape Range Caravan Park we had some uninvited guests!! Quite big these critters!!

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