Sunday, August 1, 2010

Adele Grove & Lawn Hill National Park

This shot is of the small falls between the gorges that we ended up swimming around. Very refreshing. We were glad to get an early start for the canoe trip as we missed the heat of the day!!

Sam and dad swimming under the little waterfall that separated the two sections along Lawn Hill Creek. The creek is similar to Gregory river which is fed via underground water.

This shot is from our canoe which we paddled up Lawn Hill Creek through the gorges ( there are two sections). Very beautiful and a contrast to the dry country around the creek areas. We took two and a half hours to do the return trip but it was worth the effort...

This was our first sighting of a freshwater crocodile - at Adele Grove about 30 metres from where the swimming was happening. Lucky for us it was a baby - about 3 feet long! The locals don't seem to concerned with the 'freshies' as they call them. They think the freshwater crocodiles are happy to keep away from people unless cornered. The saltwater crocodile is another proposition altogether!!

Samuel was too lazy to 'walk the plank' so he was going to take a short flight instead. Lots of fun going on with the boys at Adele Grove...

Adele Grove is a caravan and camp ground about 10 km from Lawn Hill National Park. It has a section of Lawn Hill Creek which is pictured here with the boys swimming around their pontoon. Roads in are rough gravel. The shady grounds give relief from the 34 degrees during our stay here...

Joey snuck this video in when we were dragging the canoe between the gorges. People had to man handle the canoe from one section of the creek into the next to continue on. Nobody likes a smart Alec...especially one who watches others working!!


  1. Great photos and videos - it looks like you have having a real nice time!

  2. good filming joey,someone needs to be in charge of the slaves